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It took many years before I went to school for it and got certified (2003). I’ve studied and explored many different techniques, including Swedish, sports, Esalen, Thai, lava shell and lomi lomi.

I had a successful mobile-massage business back in Canada, using chair and table massage at events such as golf tournaments, conventions, music festivals and sports competitions. Thirty massage therapists worked under me doing massage therapy.

Before I moved to Hawaii, I worked as a coordinator in a spa called Studio Bliss, where I got experienced in training massage therapists and business management. I am now self-employed and offer my services on Kaua’i as a mobile massage therapist. I have more than 10 years under my belt, and I am also a teacher.

I enjoy sharing my knowledge with the world: I have a couples massage workshop (perfect for honeymooners) and also guest-teach at the Pacific Awareness Center.

Where are you from originally, and what role does that play in your business? I was born and raised in Montreal. I love that city. But it is too cold for me in the wintertime. Every time I went on vacations, I aimed for tropical weather with beaches and ocean. Growing up in a melting pot such as Montreal taught me to be open and willing to seek new ways of life.

I’ve always been surrounded by a multicultural community – artful, colorful and with people from all over the world with whom to share good times. It fostered a curiosity for the world around me, starting by tasting different foods.

In 2007, I came to Hawaii and started learning about lomi lomi. Since then, everywhere I go, I learn about different types of massages.

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What people say..

Melanie gives the best massage on Kauai. She knows the body, how it moves and knows intuitively the areas that need attention. This is one of the most relaxing things I have done on Kauai. She has great hands. - Julian Miller, CEO & Founder at Plum Amazing - Essential Software for Mac, iPhone/iPad, Windows and Android

Healing for both the body and the soul! I guess Mélanie can be described has a Holistic Health Guru. Check it out, its well worth it!!! - Christian Poirier, visitor of Kauai. 

Massage from Melanie will be the best experience of your life. Caution: her touch is addictive! - Boris Coll, Dj and philantropist thinker

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Mahalos again for the wonderful massage :) I've been telling everyone it is the most EPIC massage I've ever had! ♥ ♥ ♥ - Beca Mc Culley, Bikram yoga instructor

Hi Melanie! Your massage was so relaxing, it put me in a higher state of consciousness!! - Harry Dalsey, Chief Pilot at Air Ventures Hawaii

Melanie rocks. She gave me a massage when I was in Princeville last year & I never forgot it. My husband just finished a 90min massage & is completely comatose. He's ready to do another one before we leave - 2 hours next time. Me? I'm back on Melanie's book for 90min in a few days. Da bomb! - Anne Clendenin Coughlin,  visitor of Kauai.

Fantastic Transformative deep as you want, Creative Satisfying & Fun. thanks Melanie ! xox - Steve C Davis, Artist

Melanie has the magic touch! Excellent massage for the whole being... healing, restorative, and blissful ~ - Veronika A Linton, Yoga instructor

One of the absolute BEST EVER! and I have been a massage therapist since 1984! HIGHLY recommend Melanie!!! - Natalie Ferrante, Concierge Starwood Vacation Ownership 

Love, love, love your massages! A true art form! it's "magical" birthday gift I can ever have! Thanks so much for coming to our condo! - George C., visitor of Kauai.

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